What do we do

Sequitur is a non-profit publishing organization providing resources related to articulating the Christian faith in a post-modern context.

Statio bene fida” captures our intent.  We are a “harbour/outpost” for those seeking and struggling with their faith and its engagement with our modern world.  Our objective is to produce resources (documentaries, publications, events, web materials) which illuminate and clarify in the hope of helping these folks sort through their spiritual and intellectual struggles.

We operate in the “deep outreach” space as an intellectual outpost to those both within the church and to those who have left the church.

One of our projects is the “Who Is God” project.  Information below:

[Download this document  – Who is God Project Overview– for a full overview of Sequitur and the “WhoIsGod” Project]

Sequitur keeps its focus on presenting the persona of God as understood by historic, orthodox Christianity.  This focus clears the deck of distracting issues which often arise and then take on a life of their own.  This objective is underpinned by the belief that most of those who leave the church are not struggling with issues addressed by most modern Christian apologetics (focussed on proving that faith is intellectually reasonable in a scientific age), but who are rather struggling with their perception of God, and the implications this may have on their life, society, and culture.